If you have decided it is time for a career change or your employment circumstances have changed, having goals in place will play a vital role in landing your next position. When you are engaged in a job search, it can be overwhelming and sometimes hard to define where to start. By crafting your personal, professional or growth goals you will find that your focus and productivity improve drastically and you will accomplish things you never thought were possible. Your goals will be specific and unique to you. You will find your motivation will increase, a sense of urgency is created and they will give you something to measure your progress against. For example, if networking or connecting is an activity outside of your comfort zone or new to you, by setting a goal for having weekly informational interviews you will be focused on setting these meetings into your calendar, expanding your network and having the meaningful conversations needed to move you towards your career goals.

Tips for achieving your goals:

  • Write them down and increase your chance by 42% of achieving them
  • Tell someone in your trusted community and have them hold you accountable
  • Make sure your goals align with who you are and your values
  • Goals are dynamic; Revisit them often to make sure they still resonate and are moving you in the direction of success
  • Make them specific, measurable and give them a time frame

Goal setting is a topic we cover in the Z1CareerZone OnDemand program. If you are struggling with how to land your next job, please visit www.z1careerzone.com for more information on how we can support your career goals.

By Kristine Thody, Z1CareerZone Facilitator and Certified Career Coach