Frequently Asked Questions

Client FAQs

Below are questions that we are often answering for people that are interested in enrolling in a Z1CareerZone program.

How is Z1CareerZone different from other coaching companies or a career center?
Our experience is second to none! We have placed over 3,500 candidates into professional jobs over the last 18+ years at our sister recruiting company, Z1 Solutions, Inc.and have personally worked with hundreds of hiring managers during that time. We know why people get hired and why others don’t so our program specifically focuses on providing our clients with the skills and tools to increase their odds of success over their competitors ! Everyone within our organization has had great success in corporate America and great success in identifying and hiring top talent in their leadership roles. In addition, our Advisory Board consists of highly respected and successful executives in distinct industries and roles . They are consistently engaged in our company by providing us with constant feedback as to how we can continue to look for new ways to bring greater value to the clients and employees that we serve. Please see all of our bios under our About Z1CZ tab!
What is the biggest benefit for someone taking your program?
Absolutely the biggest benefit we see (and our clients agree) is an overwhelming increase in each individuals confidence compared to when they entered the program. They say “knowledge is power” and those 3 words are never more true when it comes to your career! You will clearly know that you are gaining unique skills and knowledge that others don’t have as you advance through the program. This “new confidence” results in a motivation and excitement that will clearly translate to you reaching and exceeding your goals. As a client, it is awesome to know that you have the secret sauce that your competition lacks and that the power is now within yourself to succeed beyond even your own expectations.
What level of experience is required to take the Z1CareerZone program?
We advise a wide range of clients with varying levels of experience. Some are motivated undergrads with no internships under their belt. Others are just getting ready for interviews in their senior year and want to get an edge on their competition. Others are recent graduates who are underemployed / unemployed and want to get a job in their field of interest! Some recent grads don’t feel that they received the training they needed while in college and recognize that they need the knowledge and skills that Z1CZ offers. Yet others could be seasoned professionals who recognize they need the expertise of a coach to help them navigate their next career move. For each individual applicant and situation, we evaluate both their potential and how much of a difference our program can make before we accept them into the Z1CareerZone program.
Why do I have to apply for acceptance into your program?
The Z1CZ program is a rigorous and challenging program.  Successful completion of the program requires a real commitment to the process.  That commitment includes learning new information, stepping outside of your comfort zone, being coachable, and working hard to complete all of the modules.  Only candidates who are serious about making a change in their careers are right for Z1CZ. Through the application process we will ensure that our clients have all the information that they need about what the program involves. We will also ensure that the clients we take on are right for the program, and are set up for success ensuring the best possible working relationship, and our clients success.
What happens after I apply for acceptance?
After we receive your application, we will be in contact within 48 hours to answer any questions you have and ask any other questions we may have for you.  We will then be back in touch with you immediately to let you know whether or not you are accepted in the Z1 program. If accepted, we will then discuss start dates and a meeting cadence that works in your schedule.  Last but certainly not least, we will review the coaching options available to you and then let you select the coach that you feel most comfortable working with.
What are the odds of getting accepted into the program?
About 82% of all applicants are accepted into the Z1CareerZone program.
Do I really need to go through the entire program?
Yes, we know that each part of the Z1CareerZone Program will be impactful to all of our clients regardless of where you are in your career search.  Your coach will personalize each section to your specific needs so that you will get the most out of each and every zone/module.  
What experiences do your coaches bring to the program?
We have a very rigorous interview process to insure the quality of our coaches.  Not only are our coaches highly qualified professionals, but they also fit our culture here at Z1CareerZone and share the same values that we have as an organization.  We will recommend the right coach for you based on several criteria but at the end of the day, you get to choose which coach you would like to work with.
How long does it take to complete the Z1CareerZone Program?
This really depends on your needs and your situation.  Our program can be completed in as little as 3 to 4 weeks for someone with immediate needs or it can be spread out over a couple of years while someone is still in college but wants to be totally prepared to get the job they desire upon graduation.  On average, clients progress through the program in 12 weeks
What people benefit most from going through your program?
Undergraduates, recent graduates and seasoned professionals.  Again, the Z1CZ program will be tailored to the specific needs of these three different groups of individuals as they are in very different phases of their job search / career and they also possess different experiences and skill sets that have to be accounted for.
Why can’t I just do this on my own? Isn’t there is a ton of information on the internet at my disposal?
The majority of people do exactly what you are suggesting and are at a great disadvantage as a result.  Just like most candidates that apply for a job or interview, they all do it the same way and end up with the same results… no interviews, no call-backs and  no job offers! This is the definition of insanity … doing the same things over and over but expecting different results. This is exactly what the internet will teach you and unfortunately, many other coaching organizations.  You have to be different to increase the odds in your favor! We know that because we have been teaching these skills to our candidates for nearly 20 years at our recruiting firm, Z1 Solutions which was recognized as one of the Top Four Recruiting Firms in the U.S. in 2010!  We know why people get hired and we know why others don’t!  We bring dozens of years of corporate success to each and every candidate.  We teach our clients skills that will benefit them for a lifetime and we breathe confidence into every client that is in our program.  If you want to be different and learn the skills and secrets as to why people get hired, then you have come to the right place here at Z1CareerZone!  If you really believe you can get the same knowledge and develop the same skills that is offered through the internet, then I would respectfully recommend you go in that direction.
Is the cost really worth it?
Absolutely!  We believe that those that are willing to invest in themselves are those individuals that we want to work with and help succeed!  In fact, this is a key criteria for us in client selection. If applicants aren’t willing to invest in themselves, then clearly it wouldn’t be wise for us to invest our time working with those candidates.  We know for sure that our program is not for everyone and that is completely understood by us. Not only will our program improve your job seeking prospects and results, we will teach you skills that will increase your earning potential throughout your career.  One example would be with salary negotiation. We will teach you how to negotiate an offer that is both respectful and professional. This one skill can result in an increase of tens, even hundreds of thousands of dollars over the course of your career. The cost of our program would be worth it if this was the only thing offered but of course, it is just one of many skills you will learn as a client of ours.  At the end of the day it is all about the Return On Your Investment!  If we can’t show you why this makes sense, then we have failed you completely.

Coach FAQs

Below are questions that we are often answering for people that are interested in coaching a Z1CareerZone program.

How do I know if Career Coaching is right for me?
Being a Career Coach at Z1CareerZone is one of the most lucrative, fulfilling and rewarding careers you will ever find. If you have a desire to grow personally while making a big difference in people’s lives, then being a Z1CZ Coach might just be right for you? To find out if you have what it takes to be a successful coach at Z1CareerZone, go to our Join the Team page fill out the Get More Info section!
How long will it take me to complete the Z1 Coaches Training Program?
Our coaches training program consists of 6 sessions (about 2 to 3 hours per session) with one of expert trainers.  Most of our training is completed via video conferences.  Upon graduation, you will be given a certificate symbolizing your successful completion of the Z1CareerZone Coaches Training Program.
Can I be a Z1CareerCoach while working a full-time job or being a full-time parent?
YES! Absolutely! What you will learn through our training is how to be more efficient with your time and create a more spacious lifestyle all while professionally inspiring others to achieve their career goals. Most of our coaches work part time but then others have decided to make this their full-time work. Either way, that is completely your choice.
I have never run a business for myself before, is there support to help me through that process?
You are hitting the nail on the head with that question. Through our own research, we found that the biggest issue facing roughly 82% of coaches of any kind was their inability to build and grow their own successful businesses! Knowing that, we have addressed that issue head on!

We recognize that most of our coaches have never owned a business, built a business or had to grow a business before. That is exactly why we have CBS’s (Chief of Business Strategy) who have expertise in sales, marketing and in many cases, the building of successful businesses. Their entire job is to help you build and grow a successful coaching business! Just prior to your training program, you will be assigned a CBS mentor that you can rely on to help you get off to the right start and help you to continue to grow your business as much as you want. This is a unique benefit we offer at Z1CareerZone and we will be happy to tell you more about some of the ways our CBS’ can be a major asset to you and your coaching business!

I want to help people, but I don’t have great experience in sales and marketing. Can you assist me in that area?
YES! There are a few ways that you will benefit by being a part of the Z1 Team as it relates to sales and marketing! Again, you will have straight access to your Chief of Business strategy who is there to provide you the expertise or guidance specifically in sales and marketing. Last, we have partnered with Sandler Training to develop a customized sales and marketing training program specific to Z1CareerZone coaches for those that want to further invest in themselves to become true professionals in the coaching business.
Are there opportunities to meet with other fellow coaches?
YES! You will be on a team of coaches that will get together from time to time with your Chief of Business Strategy to share ideas, goals and strategies that might be working for them. It is also a time when you can share some things that haven’t been working so you can get the input of several others that might have a different idea on how to overcome those obstacles and challenges. The opportunity to connect with other coaches on a regular planned basis will be there for you so why not take advantage of learning from each other and supporting each other along the way! Again, this is not mandatory, but we have learned that those coaches that are “plugged in’ with each other tend to be the most successful!
What would be the first step in the process if I decided I wanted to be a Z1CareerZone Coach?
The first step would be to complete our Z1CarerZone coaching application. Once received, you will then be contacted within 48 hours to discuss your application and desire to be a coach. We will then go over everything about the on-boarding process and get you scheduled for the next training class.

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