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Thank you for your interest in Z1CareerZone!  Because there is so much involved with giving career / interview advice, we are very selective when evaluating potential clients.  Since this is an investment on both sides for us and you, it is critical that we review your application to insure we are a match and we can provide SIGNIFICANT VALUE to you regarding your job search and/or career planning.  Because we want you to get the most benefit out of our session(s) together, please take the time to thoughtfully complete this application. It will help us both understand what you want and need. We look forward to hearing from you and more importantly, we look forward to potentially meeting you and working directly with you if we determine we can be of benefit to you. If for whatever reason your needs are not a match for us or we simply don’t have the bandwidth to take you on as a client at this time, we will certainly let you know that directly and offer you advice as a potential next step outside of our coaching services.