Sandy Lamb – Certified Career Coach

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Sandy is passionate about helping executives and is known for challenging the status quo to get the best out of your greatest asset, people. She saw executive coaching and leadership development as the perfect opportunity to give back the expertise and operational insights she learned in corporate America while allowing her to spend more time blending family and wellness into her life. As owner and CEO of Altitude Executive Coaching, Sandy will help you build a culture of belonging and mutual respect between men and women in the workplace.

Sandy graduated from Johns Hopkins University with an MBA in International Business. She sits on the Advisory Board for several non-profits, including 4Word, and Tomorrow People Organization based in Serbia. She has a passion for professional speaking and has traveled the world to deliver her message on EQ/Empathy to virtual and live stages in Indonesia, Canada, and the US. She has also coached many people to land their dream stage at TedX in the US and recently became an International Tedx speaker coach at Tedx in Florence, Italy. In 2023, Sandy became a #1 international best-selling author with her book, “Cracking the Rich Code, Volume 10”.

Why Z1CareerZone

Sandy was drawn to support Z1CareerZone for two reasons. Their leader and their mission. Jim and Sandy had many conversations where she could tell they were aligned in values and beliefs. One of her primary motivating factors is altruism, so helping clients realize their greatest potential and follow their passion toward a career they love is a very worthwhile use of her energy.


Sandy resides in Colorado Springs with her husband of 26 years and their three children. She loves to hike, do hot yoga, and is a blue belt in Goju-Ryu karate.