John Wilbanks – Facilitator


John grew up in Northern Alabama and went into the U. S. Army after graduating from Lee High School in Huntsville. While in the Army John attended many military schools, including Basic, AIDT, Airborne School, U. S. Army Special Forces Qualifications Course, Primary Leadership, Instructor Training Course, Advanced Non-Commissioned Officer Course, German and Russian Language courses, Special Operations Target Interdiction Course. While at fort Bragg he served as an instructor at the Special Warfare Center in Phase II Weapons Branch and was voted “Instructor of the Cycle” three times in a row. He served as the Intelligence and Operations sergeant on ODA 076 in Iraq. After leaving the military John received two bachelor’s degrees from Rocky Mountain College of Art & Design, and a master’s degree from University of Phoenix in Organizational Management. John worked as a professor at the Art Institute of Colorado for 12 years and became the Senior Instructor in the Digital Filmmaking and Video Production department. He served on several committees most notably, the Curriculum Development and the Professional Advisory Committee. John now owns and manages Engage LLC.

Why Z1CareerZone

John has never experienced, nor seen a better career development curriculum than with Z1CareerZone nor a more enthusiastic and positive person as Jim Zasowski. Having been a military veteran transitioning to the civilian workforce and seeing hundreds of his students at The Art Institute and Westwood struggle to even get interviews, he can attest first-hand how badly this program is needed. Z1CareerZone has developed an online career training program, it has to be the most comprehensive career training program that exists, and he believes it is best program on the market.


John lives and works in Westminster, Colorado. John met and married his soulmate—Ruth and was happily married for 28 years. Now a widower he enjoys spending time with his two daughters and their husbands. John has a brand-new granddaughter.