Jim Ryan – Facilitator

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Jim Ryan has over 18 years’ experience in the NFL as a player and a coach. His journey from an undrafted free agent to a 10-year playing career with the Denver Broncos is an inspiring underdog story. Playing in over 150 NFL games, including 2 Super Bowls, Jim also spent 9 years as an NFL coach with Denver and Houston.

Before heading into professional football, Jim earned a BA in Business Management from William and Mary as well as an MBA from the University of Denver.

In 2014, Jim and his wife, Sara, started a new chapter, moving to Nashville, TN where he is pursuing a new passion… to use his versatile knowledge, skills, and experience, encouraging people in all walks of life to discover, develop, and achieve their full value and potential.

Jim Ryan is a Business Affiliate of Integrity Solutions, a values-driven organization, using an ethics-based approach, which aligns directly with his ideals, and fits so well with his coaching background. Certified in three Integrity Programs, Jim is using the congruence of his knowledge, skills, and experiences to bring a unique perspective to the world of sales training, business coaching, and leadership development.

In addition, Jim is currently the Director of New Accounts for InfoWorks, a leading total business solutions provider in Nashville, TN. He manages a small team of salespeople utilizing Integrity Selling and Integrity Coaching in new client development.

Why Z1CareerZone

An advocate for helping people reach their full potential in life and work, his passions and values align directly with the purpose of Z1CareerZone. This is more than just a resource to help people find a job. This is a life-changing experience that will positively impact participants and their careers all the way to retirement and beyond. Who wouldn’t want to be a part of that?


After being brought together as a result of the 1982 NFL strike, Jim and Sara Ryan have now been married over 35 years. Much of that time has been spent raising their 3 sons, Ben, Jonathan and Sam. Though their nest is now empty, they have been blessed by the addition of 2 daughters-in-law, and 4 grandchildren!