Janet Hudson – Facilitator + Certified Career Coach

Online Career Development Program | Z1CareerZone


Janet is passionate about helping people learn in a way that works for them. She’s enjoyed a 25-year career in higher education as a university history professor and a professional development leader for faculty and administrators. Those experiences taught her so much about human learning and the discomfort that comes with setbacks and uncertainty. Her desire to help people learn, embrace change, and grow professionally and personally led her to change careers. Now she’s a certified coach, supporting those who know they want to contribute and enjoy doing it. But they first need to discover what they want to do and how to secure that opportunity.

Why Z1CareerZone

Jim Zasowski, the founder, and the team at Z1CareerZone are passionate about helping every individual discover the career that aligns with their strengths and interests. Z1CareerZone team members not only have walked the talk of having meaningful careers, but they know how to walk you through the steps of finding your meaningful career. Plus, Z1CareerZone knows you don’t figure all this out alone. You need others’ guidance and expertise. And perhaps the encouragement to seek a coach who’ll support you to create that accountability needed to honor your commitment to yourself. Z1CareerZone’s motto, “Changing Lives, One Career at a Time,” fits beautifully with the change Janet strives to be in the world!


Perhaps you’ve avoided traveling on the long and winding road without a destination in sight. She traveled that path once, long enough to experience the discouragement and confusion that greets you on that scary road. Yet, she knows the thrill of doing what she loves every day. Her long and winding journey to earn a 4-year college degree, which took 11 years attending 5 schools in 3 states, taught her about persistence and determination, which then fueled her journey to earn a Ph.D. in half that time. Janet now loves supporting others who find themselves confronting obstacles and even experiencing frustration and confusion because she’s been there. If you haven’t yet experienced the rewards of finding that career where you experience the joy of using your talents and abilities most days, then she wants to invite you to trust that you can find it.